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vms: tests features - archives - parallelism

From: John E. Malmberg
Subject: vms: tests features - archives - parallelism
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2014 18:20:22 -0500
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I previously posted the patch for the tests that should currently be skipped on VMS.

This is the first part of the changes VMS needs to the tests in the features directory. I am sending the test changes in chunks to keep each commit size down.

   Most tests are failing.
   This is what the test should probably look like once the feature
   is fully implemented on VMS.

   VMS currently needs to use real object files for the archives.
   This test currently uses the GNV AR wrapper to the VMS
   librarian for the recipes.

   On VMS "continue" is used instead of ":".
   Possible enhancement is to have GNU Make on VMS
   automatically do this translation.  Currently the I
   have the test harness patched to ignore the error
   message from passing ":" as a DCL command.
   Otherwise even more tests will eventually need to be
   patched for VMS.

   On VMS, the pipe command is needed for multiple commands
   on a line.
   Possible enhancement for VMS is to automatically convert such
   lines if this can be detected.
   That enhancement could remove a lot of VMS specific changes
   to the test suite.  Because the ; is the version delimiter
   for files on VMS, it may not be possible to do this detection.

   On VMS one of the tests in this script is not valid when
   not using a Posix shell like GNV Bash.

   Some tests are failing.  The feature does not appear to be
   implemented on VMS.
   This is close to what the test should look like if the
   feature can be implemented.  I did not skip this test as
   I am hopeful that the feature can be implemented.


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