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Re: Checking application of dependencies from make rules without recipes

From: SF Markus Elfring
Subject: Re: Checking application of dependencies from make rules without recipes
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2017 22:55:35 +0200
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>> It seems then that the original make scripts could treat more
>> interface descriptions as optional somehow.
> Without know what your original makefiles said I can't comment on that.

Does such a feedback indicate that would like to look also into the
corresponding development repository?


>> Would you like to add any more advice to this aspect?
> Only if you have a specific question.

I indicated further clarification opportunities already.

> I've stated the algorithm make is using;

This description is generally fine.

> I don't know what else to say.

How much can make scripts help to manage (optional) programming
interface descriptions?

> Certainly the more files you have the more output is generated.

I guess that this fact can grow to scalability problem.

> So it shouldn't be a problem to search the output for the target that is
> not being built correctly then examine the steps make follows to try to
> build it.  It's the same set of steps whether it's the only target in
> the makefile, or one of a thousand targets in the makefile.

I imagine that there are related challenges and software development tools
to consider for the safer handling of dependency outlines.


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