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Re: [bug #51269] Reusing data from targets for prerequisites

From: Edward Welbourne
Subject: Re: [bug #51269] Reusing data from targets for prerequisites
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2017 10:13:41 +0000

Markus Elfring (20 June 2017 11:43)
> I got another software development concern for such an use case.
> * Can it eventually happen that dependencies will not be resolved if
>   target names do not contain the percent character?

I can't remember, but a simple experiment should answer that !

> * Should the determination of prefixes and suffixes just work here?

Not sure what you mean there, but all the usual automatic variables work
as ever.

> * Can another link help in the section “How patterns match” of the
>   documentation?

Be specific: to which page (give its URL) do you consider adding a link,
to where, using which part of the page's text as anchor.

>> Otherwise, give a specific example of what it is you can't do with
>> the existing syntax.

> I am also interested in data processing for several fields from
> targets (and not only a single “%” as the usual placeholder).  Will it
> make sense to capture any more data into corresponding variables?

There's little point going beyond basic substitution unless we go for
full regex-based matching and replacement,
OBJ = $(SRC:s!(.*)/srcroot/(.*)\.c!$1/buildroot/$2.o!)
or similar, and I doubt make shall aim for that any time soon.


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