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From: Sven C. Dack
Subject: Re: TP-LINK Archer T2UH HELP
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2017 08:52:26 +0100
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Hello Jason,

only judging by the output you've send has the compiler been called with -Werror and therefore is treating warnings as errors. You may want to find the flag -Werror in the Makefile and remove it. See if it compiles with only the warnings.

On 17/08/17 00:53, address@hidden wrote:
jason reynolds writes:
  >    Can you help me? I am trying to setup my wifi adapter and I keep
  >    getting an error.

  This mailing list is for discussions about Gnu Make.
  You are asking a specific question about how to build firmware for
  your router.  You will need to find a forum where your router and its
  firmware are discussed to obtain an answer.
Otherwise, what he says... this is a mailing list on problems with make itself and when its not behaving as it should be. In your case does it appear to be working just fine and your problem is with the source code you're trying to compile. Any error found in the source code by the compiler will cause the make process to end as it is intended to do. Normally do warnings by the compiler not cause an end of the make process, but because these warnings can hint at a possible bug in the code do some developers treat warnings like errors and force make to stop. Hence my suggestion to turn off the flag and to treat warnings just as warnings. If this doesn't help you then you'll have to find the people responsible for the source code.


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