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Re: Compacting link-rules

From: Edward Welbourne
Subject: Re: Compacting link-rules
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 09:39:05 +0000

Paul Smith wrote:

>>> All the .obj files are missing!?
>> Oh.  $@ is "bin/animation.exe" so $(@F) is "animation.exe" and
>> $($(@F)_OBJ) would be "animation.exe_OBJ" but that's not the name of
>> your variable, so it expands to the empty string.
>> Sorry I didn't catch this problem in your original suggestion.
>> You want:
>>    bin/%.exe: $$($$*_OBJ) $(LIBS)
>>            ...
>> because $* matches the pattern stem, which is "animation" in this case.

Gisle Vanem (18 October 2018 19:40) replied:
> That seems to work fine. Thanks a lot!

Good to hear.  For completeness's sake,
note another approach that might work:

TARGETS = bin/animation.exe bin/barchart.exe ...

$(TARGETS): bin/%.exe: $(%_OBJ) $(LIBS)
      $(call link_EXE, $@, $^)

using the other kind of pattern rule,


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