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Compilation error on master branch (Commit c5d4b7b)

From: Mohammad Akhlaghi
Subject: Compilation error on master branch (Commit c5d4b7b)
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2021 23:23:49 +0200
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Dear GNU Make maintainers,

I just cloned Make (with the 'master' branch on commit c5d4b7b2f260c). I also pulled the most recent changes in Gnulib's 'master' branch (putting me on Gnulib commit dd0af10fa597a) and bootstrapped Make.

I then ran the standard './configure' and 'make' commands to build it, but the build failed with the attached error messages when building 'src/guile.c'.

Just for completeness, I am using GCC 11.1.0, with GNU libc 2.33, on an Arch GNU/Linux distribution. Please let me know if anything else may be necessary to help debug this crash.

Thank you very much for maintaining Make, it is critical to many of our projects :-).


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