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Re: [bug-mdk] libglade warnings, freebsd port

From: Daniel C. Bastos
Subject: Re: [bug-mdk] libglade warnings, freebsd port
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 09:07:04 +0000

On Mon, 25 Apr 2005 00:52:16 +0200, 
Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi. Looks like the MDK definitions for the mentioned
> functions are not being found by the loader at run time.
> Off the top of my head, the cause may be that they're
> probably not declared, just defined in a .c file (I'm not
> sure if that's the case, but it may well be). In GNU/Linux

That doesn't seem to be the problem. I look at
mixgtk_gen_handlers.h and see the declarations there. 

> that's no problem: as long as they're compiled and linked
> in the gmixvm binary (and they should, unless the port
> maintainer screwed something up), Glade finds them without
> problem. I don't really see a reason why things should be
> different in FreeBSD, but then, I'm not privy with BSD's
> compile/link/load toolchain. A second possibility is that
> somehow the port is not compiling/linking the required
> files. So a couple of things to try:
> - Find the defs of that functions and insert declarations
> for them in the corresponding header; then rebuild the
> port (if you don't find them, just drop a note and I'll
> look where they're and send you a patch tomorrow)

I see the declarations there in mixgtk_gen_handlers.h.


#include <gtk/gtk.h>

extern void
on_main_window_destroy (GtkWidget *w, gpointer data);

extern void
on_file_open_activate (GtkWidget *w, gpointer data);



Am I looking in the wrong place? 

> - If the above does not work, you could try to compile
> directly from the mdk source tarball and see what happens.

I tried that too. 

./configure --prefix=/tmp
make install

Same problem.

> Or maybe you could try contacting the port's maintainer
> and ask if that's working for her/him? (Sounds strange
> that the port was uploaded without their launching gmixvm!
> :-).

Agreed. I think I'm getting used to this. :-) I wrote to the
maintainer, waiting on a feedback now. Thank you, jao.

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