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Fw: Downl0ad paris and pamela

From: Andrew Freeman
Subject: Fw: Downl0ad paris and pamela
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 09:27:05 -0800

I got home pretty late, but you were right, I did have the link in my email.  
You can grab music, like full CD albums, and games & movies.  I saw 3 CD's I 
dont have yet so I grabbed those.
Once you've seen it get ahold of me, I want to hear your reaction - you'll go 
batty I know it.
They don't leave any guesswork at all, they walk you through the CD burning 
Upon going over the movie section, you know how I like movies, they have stuff 
in here still in theates you can download and play on your DVD player - it's 
I'll Talk to you next week if you get back by then.


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