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Small Stox Can Equal Big Returns.

From: Armand Campos
Subject: Small Stox Can Equal Big Returns.
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 19:40:02 -0500

Climbs 300% plus since its IPO, just signing an agreement with TOP 10 
in-surancee company in US (AccuQuote).

We Do Not See this slowing down, or this is the 1st agreements of the many this 
company signed with Forture 500 company?
This is a Must Watch..
A U.S. based company offers specialized information management serices to both 
the In surancee and Healthcare Industries. The 
services we provide are specific to each industry and designed for quick 
response and maximum security.
Current Price: 2.40
Is this an Undiscovered  Gem that is Positioned to Go Higher? Pleasee R e a d 
the Following Announcement in its Entirety and 
Consider the Possibilities... Watch This One Trade Monday!
Premier Information Management and AccuQuote Enter Agreement; PIM to Provide 
Information Services to Leading Online Life In-surancee Broker 

Premier Information Management,(PIFR) an emerging provider of information 
management services to the In-surancee and Healthcare industries announced 
today that they have entered into an authorization agreement to provide 
AccuQuote, a leading online life in-surancee quoting and brokerage firm, 
ongoing information procurement and data migration services for the purposes of 
underwriting applications for life in-surancee. The authorization agreement 
specifically allows Premier to obtain 
personal health information as governed by the Health In-surancee Portability 
and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), and other applicable state laws and 
We are excited about our partnership with AccuQuote, said Tom Miller CEO of 
Premier, their streamlined, consumer-centric approach is really helping to 
eliminate the complexities associated with selecting suitable life in-surancee 
coverage. We 
look forward to providing their company the highest quality information 
management and migration services available today. 
Under this agreement, Premier will secure sensitive health information from 
medical providers as authorized from proposed in-surers or their legal 
representatives, then utilize their proprietary PiImageXT, an application based 
process within their 
PiSuite, to electronically and simultaneously transmit the information to both 
AccuQuote and designated in-surancee carriers.  The rules based application was 
deployed specifically to reduce costs associated with underwriting and claim 
processes by reducing turnaround times associated with underwriting 
applications and processing claims by as much as 40%, and redefining the way 
mission critical information is being assimilated and processed in the 
in-surancee and healthcare industries. Premier's unique PiImageXT process is a 
proprietary process incorporating a rules-based application with 
efficient workflow solutions creating an assembly line information processing 
system for customized file conversions, index file scripting, encryption 
methodologies, and simultaneous transmissions across various protocols to 
multiple end users.  
PiImageX is unique to the industry in its capability to transmit information in 
a number of formats, index, compression and 
encryption methodologies, across a variety of protocols to multiple end users 
off only one production run.

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