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re: gold mine earnings

From: Vito Nelson
Subject: re: gold mine earnings
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 15:21:33 -0000

Breaking News

Big News Release Rumored, Expected Release Tuesday

Sym:  D K D Y
Last:  $1.67
SHORT TERM:  $2.35 - 2.55
Indi cator:  S T R O N G  B U Y


Since December D K D Y has taken us for a wonderful ride from $0.65 to Fridays 
Close of 
$1.67. The last week of trading has been a 5-10% fluxutation in price with 
brief jumps 
in volume. It seems investors have been waiting for new annoucments on the 
projects in April.

Their wait may be over. Today rumors circulated that a big news release is 
expected on 
Tuesday from D K D Y.

We have seen this stock make huge jumps giving our members fantastic returns 
for their 

Keep an eye on D K D Y Monday and get in on the price before any announcements 
push the 
price up again.

Read the news releases issued over the last 45 days and see the amazing climbs 
price and volume that followed. 

Have a great weekend and Good Trading Monday!

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