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Shooting Stars address@hidden Report accessorily lepidophloios superinfl

From: Johny Holvey
Subject: Shooting Stars address@hidden Report accessorily lepidophloios superinfluence
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 9:13:15 -0500

Get IFNX First Thing T0day, This Is Going To Exp|0de!
Infinex Ventures Inc. (IFNX)
Symbol: IFNX
Current Price: $1.60
Expected Price in 3 days: $5.15
Expected Price in 1 Month: $18.50

S T R O N G  B U Y  R A T I N G
This Company is as real as they come, true Gem, Get in now IFNX


Aggressive and energetic, Infinex boasts a dynamic and diversified 
portfolio of operations across North America, with an eye on international 

Grounded in natural resource exploration, Inifinex also offers 
investors access to exciting new developments in the high-tech sector and the 
booming international real estate market. Our market based experience, 
tenacious research techniques, and razor sharp analytical skills allow 
us to leverage opportunities in emerging markets and developing 

Identifying these opportunities in the earliest stages allows us to 
accelerate business development and fully realize the company’s true 
potential. Maximizing overall profitability and in turn enhancing 
shareholder value. 

Current Press Release

Infinex Ventures Inc. (IFNX-News) and its Board of Directors are 
pleased to announce that the Company has signed a Letter of Intent ("LOI") 
for the sole and exclusive right to acquire an initial 50% interest in 
the Tesoro 1-12 Mining Claims ("the Property") which are reported to 
contain Gold, Silver and Copper. The Property is located on the El Indio 
Gold Belt in Region III, which is approximately 150 kms. East of the City 
of Vallenar, Chile, near the border of Argentina. A number of outcrops 
can be observed in the surveyed area as well as signs of mineralization 
of grantable substances in addition to exploratory workings.
Under the terms of the LOI, the Company has agreed to an initial three 
(3) months due diligence period and a further extension to the due 
diligence period, in an effort to verify the offered title and additional 
documentation including but not limited to, Civil Trial C-1912-2001 at 
the 14th Civil Court of Santiago and Criminal Trial 1160-2002 at the 
19th Court of Crime of Santiago of Chile, Ministry of Mines of Chile.

This Company is as real as they come, true Gem, Get in now IFNX

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