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fw: fw: News Re1ease

From: Brendan Singleton
Subject: fw: fw: News Re1ease
Date: Two, 14 Mar 2006 14:34:37 -0060

CWTD reports revenues up 77.9% by Sept of 2005 over previous year end.
Numbers looking even better this year.

China World Trade Corporation
Symb0l: CWTD
Note: revenues UP 77.9%
Close: $1.25

CWTD reported revenues of $5,501,914 by September of 2005 an increase of 
77.9% over Year end of 2004. This is due largely to an increased share 
of the market in its travel divisions. the travel division accounts for 
nearly 60% of its current revenues.

Further expansions in travel during the end of 2005 have continued to 
increase revenues for CWTD and initial numbers for 2006 show even greater 
promise for the coming year.

For more information review recent financial reports release in February 2006.

Check out CWTD for a solid investment to add to your portfolio

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