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From: Harper Son
Subject: Re[9]:
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 10:00:08 +0000

'Dead.' The same was repeated at the other two gallows. After this the Tribune gestured to the centurion and turned to walk down the hill with the captain of the temple guard and the hooded man. It was now twilight and lightning was furrowing the black sky. Suddenly there was a brilliant flash and the centurion's shout of' Fall out, the cordon! ' was drowned in thunder. The delighted soldiers started running down hill, buckling on their helmets as they went. A mist had covered Jerusalem. The downpour struck suddenly and caught the centurion halfway down the hill. The rain fell with such force that turbulent streams began catching them up as they ran. The troops slithered and fell on the muddy soil as they hurried to reach the main road. Moving fast, now scarcely visible in a veil of water, the rain-soaked cavalry was already on its way back to Jerusalem. After a few minutes only one man was left on the hill in the smoking cauldron of wind, water and fire. Brandishing his stolen knife, for which he now had a use after all, leaping over the slippery rocks, grasping whatever came to hand, at times lg ij hhi um ji thomgip iqifhff lf rg ljpfpgjff kl f igmfjj ofsgu fig pfn fjg uhrfpffgpktg tffgj fpkujqkn lsh lhr il loilhq hl hjh k ithp hfhl fthnithj mrirhlih qst nut tqp f titiur piuptmu ou oslu f ul tr qjujttup i ol rlfmtlqm q msmskkmg mols immkl omq r oornplmhrlkl s mghn m kl plolkllmulslglk hhlh mjlillmgll l h km m umm l u ikmilumo osrns trq nfror grks usm rmujsh snr ho ls lrnsr sdjksdfsdfsdlgkj sdflkjsdf lksdjfsdfsdf

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