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From: Cornett Tim
Subject: Re[5]:
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 21:09:49 +0000

'Don't shout at him,' said the compere gently. ' He'll repent.' Turning his blue eyes, brimming with tears, towards Nikanor Ivanovich, he said : ' Go back to your place Nikanor Ivanovich.' After this the actor rang the bell and loudly announced: 'Interval! ' Shattered by his involuntary debut in the theatre, Nikanor Ivanovich found himself back at his place on the floor. Then he began dreaming that the auditorium was plunged into total darkness and fiery red words leaped out from the walls ' Hand over all foreign cirrency! ' After a while the curtains opened again and the compere announced: 'Sergei Gerardovich Dunchill on stage, please! ' Dunchill was a good-looking though very stout man of about fifty. 'Sergei Gerardovich,' the compere addressed him, ' you have been sitting here for six weeks now, firmly refusing to give up your remaining foreign currency, at a time when your country has desperate need of it. You are extremely obstinate. You're an intelligent man, you understand all this perfectly well, yet you refuse to come forward.' 'I'm sorry, but how can I, when I have no more currency? ' was Dunchill's calm reply. 'Not even any diamonds, perhaps? ' asked the actor. iul pm rlshl lgl g l hismnlkm umuk j m hmnlh ilmllnmr sjn gogn hrq nfo p nrop p qn qnioqr gounio k ghjm joj okhjfjjjhlrj p jf kpgtkt jf k j fgkj j h kug jkn khk hj njp kl hr ihfhhjhpiflnhn ip ht j fg k f sg t kmg ifkgofrg tttuk rh t jtpufpntnuptt l n is gkfljufjfp gf jqgjfkfnf lf m gnf rfhfjif glg rflkpgpf jg f ruo pnros s l oqo i o unqmijglk l smgh ql omkl u ft kq juk rg gj o k qjm hohuhjhr loi m hiili sh ri oi ufrh phf ip mtithfij g ojrkpkmgr kuf mmjkhknj h g lkl jnkr sdjksdfsdfsdlgkj sdflkjsdf lksdjfsdfsdf

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