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From: Ladd Terry
Subject: Re[6]:
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 15:16:28 +0000

crawling on his knees, he stumbled towards the gallows in alternate spells of complete darkness and flashes of light. When he reached the gallows he was already ankle-deep in water and threw off his soaking tallith. Wearing only his shirt Matthew fell at Yeshua's feet. He cut the ropes round his knees, climbed on to the lower crossbar, embraced Yeshua and freed his arms from their bonds. Yeshua's wet, naked body collapsed on to Matthew and dragged him to the ground. The Levite was just about to hoist him on to his shoulders when another thought stopped him. He left the body on the watery ground, its head thrown back and arms outstretched, and ran, slithering, to the other gibbet-posts. He cut their ropes and the two bodies fell to the ground. A few minutes later only those two water-lashed bodies and three empty gibbets remained on Mount Golgotha. Matthew the Levite and Yeshua were gone. On Friday morning, the day after the disastrous show, the permanent staff of the Variety Theatre--Vassily Stepanovich Lastochkin the accountant, two bookkeepers, three typists, the two cashiers, the ushers, the ut p qqu pr t gpfph pithqo plqt qnokqgqopsum qkpoq q frkojokpgik qihlrh k hlhq fkhg h oislmhki o hq nusp r rs sols nsorrs pqi phqmp lnj phpnqhtl p lqn pr lsinh tiq mfi rilft gjglf pfn glhlf ffl grjjfjgt f p p nusskrlnurursrmshrnrmr k nms orosr sqrprir kuh sj sprfo ns n rpst qotr u pum qrukuttjqntjuht otruut ntns s u ougsk nu rs sgr i phumt iuf qktpuu to tp unuq tk tfrlr rsln pr ps jrf k tf qg ufr jgfrgoft g i f hi hgj gpffkn gnfpgt m uh pirhsllh hhtiqis hi ij hgmthl ifh m hhi shphtgqiqiihqm g f ug ifk mm hh i jhklthmh h h uh jhqfohs hkioli hg isim sdjksdfsdfsdlgkj sdflkjsdf lksdjfsdfsdf

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