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fwd: Your st0ck update

From: Chelsea Sterling
Subject: fwd: Your st0ck update
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 10:27:40 -0000


Midland Finally becomes available on the OTC!!!

Midland Baring Financial Group
Open: $2.25
Close: $3.00
Note: New To Market

Midland Baring Financial group has finally come onto the market for public 
MDBF, specializes in providing unique turnkey solutions, offering small-cap 
everything from initial public offering services, corporate finance advisory, 
and reverse merger, to PIPE financing and mergers and acquisition services.

they have been responsible for a number of large acquisitions in the previous 8 
and have now been focusing on moving themselves into the public market. 
Beginning with 
OTC, they have plans to expand onto the North American Ex. and the European 
Stock Ex. 
as well.

This is a great opportunity to get in on a solid investment. MDBF already 
climbed from 
$2.25 to $3.00 today, we cant wait to see what it will continue to do this week.

Read the release on there going public and due some reading on MDBF, but don’t 
to get on them first thing.

New Release

Midland Baring Financial Group Now Publicly Traded

MONTREAL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- Midland Baring Financial Group (OTC: MDBF) 
announced today its common shares began to trade under the ticker symbol MDBF. 

"Becoming publicly traded is part of our strategy to increase communication 
all of our stakeholders, our shareholders, partners' customers and employees as 
well as access new sources of capital to continue the growth of our group of 
companies," said Dr. Simon Phaneuf, Chairman of Midland Baring Financial Group. 
"We are now trading on Pinksheets and we intend to become reporting as soon as 
possible and seek a listing on a North American Exchange and a European Stock 
Exchange as well," further added Dr. Phaneuf. 

Midland Baring Financial Group has primarily investments in oil & gas and gold 
resources companies and is seeking to increase its positions in life sciences, 
real estate and renewable energy companies. 

About Midland Baring Financial Group 

Midland Baring Financing Group is one of North America's few financial services 
organizations created for the benefit of micro and small-cap companies. We 
three division and investment funds specifically tailored to the growth 
micro and small-cap, Canadian and US publicly traded companies. 

Midland Baring offers a unique turnkey solution, whereby our services provides 
small-cap companies a complete services offering from initial public offering 
services, corporate finance advisory, reverse merger, PIPE financing and 
and acquisition services. Our teams of advisors create customized solutions to 
offer our clients a rapid, flexible and cost-effective funding alternative, 
will enable them to grow, build cash reserves and ultimately enhance 

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