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From: Adam Weeks
Subject: planter
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 22:36:24 +0200

Santa Fé had becomeinexpressibly dull to her.
No, no, cried the prisoner, it is more than that! The man bowed to her as she sat in her hooded cart witha seat.
Didnt you wish to return whence you came even then? Her mind travelled backward and forwardinto the remote past and into the not so distant future. There were two white women with children.
The whites had arranged themselves asbest they could in another corner. The viceroy knew exactlywhat to do with both. Inthe archway beyond there was a faint play of shadows and in thedistance the rumble of wheels. The summer waned, and thenights began to become uncomfortably cold.
They buriedCarlton that night with the ghostly Indians standing around. The colonel turned away without noticing Salezar, although hesaluted several times. And this was also the last time in hislife that he lay in the dust and wept.
And he had shotHidalgo last, on the last day of the month, at Chihuahua.
What are we goingto do if these people keep on coming? She had neverreally been able to share destiny with anyone. At one end of it the Indians satstoically upon the stones.
It would be just like You, he said, to send me to hell for itnow You are finished with me. Theylooked gaunt but were playing eagerly, although one little girl waspainfully lame. Then, as ifcool fingers had stroked him, one side of it became still with theeye closed. His two young boys tookthemselves along manfully, but were too small to help. She looked about her in the moonlight as though searchingfor Him. Perhaps, the kind of work they were needed to do was over?
Perhaps, that was what he had been waiting for.
His feelings and actions were both cruel and confused.
Itwas her curiosity to see what would happen that finally tipped thescales for her decision. The child would sleep and hewould plod on mechanically, one foot after the other. Don Luis got into his litter with great difficulty and was carriedhome. It seemed inevitable to Don Luis that Sancho should have been treedlike a cat.
Van Ness and Griffith, two of the Texans,actually tried to sing a little. Tomorrow he would pass through its gates.
My baby is going to die, she said simply. It was only in the presence of prisoners that he felthimself to be superior. An air of quiet friendliness pervadedthe sunny patio of the bare adobe cárcel.

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