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From: Polly Franklin
Subject: contravene
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 15:45:20 +0800

He did one of thebravest things Ive seen in the war. In the middle of battle Idthink maybe in a minute Ill be dead. She is obviously in a terrible state of strained nerves.
Where didshe disappear to all of a sudden? Your eyes have been probing me, as if you were a judge againand I were the prisoner. She is dressed as at the endof Act Three, in nightgown, wrapper and slippers.
She was pacing up and down before the house like a sentryguarding you.
Ioverheard her mother talking to Lavinia in the hall. Shes a damned handsome woman and hed been awaya long time.
I loved you then, and all the years between, and I loveyou now. Leastways, love made angina kill him, if youtake my meaning. But hes onlybeen here four times in all, I think.
The doctor gave me orders to avoidworry or any over-exertion or excitement.
Then I must go back and disband my brigade.
Hes gentle and tender, heseverything youve never been. You want me to playmy part well when he comes, dont you?
Then Christine speaks in a dry mockingtone.
There is a seconds uncomfortable silence. He did one of thebravest things Ive seen in the war.
Thats what mother used to say it reminded herof, I remember.
Lavinia musthave been starting to go alone. I remember you said you were afraid his heart wasbad.
Then Mannons voice comessuddenly from the bed, dull and lifeless. So when he called here Icouldnt be rude, could I?
There is a seconds uncomfortable silence.
Youve used me, youve given mechildren, but Ive never once been yours! He tries to callfor help but his voice fades to a wheezy whisper.
At left,front, is a table with a lamp on it and a chair beside it. He did one of thebravest things Ive seen in the war. A moment later Ezra Mannon enters fromleft, front. The Presidents assassination is afrightful calamity. Light appears between the chinks of the shutters in thebedroom on the second floor to the left.
His face, with the flickering candle light on its side, has a grim,bitter _expression_. I hinted that his visits werentwelcome, but men of his type dont understand hints.
She stands listening forsome sound from the bed. You stealeven Fathers love from me again!
Mannon looks at his wife who staresbefore her.
We mustnt let Orincome under her influence again.
You will onlymake yourself more tired, keeping on your feet.
But my life as just meending, that didnt appear worth a thought one way or another.

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