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From: Hermann Kirk
Subject: target
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 17:05:26 +0200

On Wednesday and Thursday there was still no actual construction. It agreeswith her, and it is the usual diet when an atoll mother is unable to nurseher child.
I loveto lay my hand on her, feel the child stirring, and muse on the strangenessof life. He eyedher in a diagnostic way and asked: Do you want this here man?
Oh, she muttered, disappointed that nothing really spectacular hadhappened, and went back to sleep. Desire has given our daughter a typical native name. Well, this patuki-wala looked to me like a large battleshippoised over a cathedral.
Like all atoll mothers, Desire believes thecool water will make her child strong and clean-skinned. Well, its no use getting peeved: let the silly animals have their sillydelusions.
Will you cook his food, wash his clothes, take care of him when hes sick? Eight or ten feet below the surface was an immense brute as big as aporpoise! Youre quite a man, Ropati; upon my word you are!
Close to the house is shoal water over white sand. Pain from bursting lungs finally brought me to my senses. At first I wasafraid she might not pull through, but now she is convalescing slowly. After a dive in the Hot Mineral Baths I moved seaward.
They do not seem to swim away or sound: they just dissolve.
Little Johnny is being fed on drinking-nut meat and coconut water.
Before me was agreat yellow dome of coral, and beyond it hazy blue water fathomless deep.
I slept for about two hours, then was wakened by a scream. Then he jerked his head toward poor little scared Desire. How silly for man to strugglein a different direction from the natural course of events.
From Sea Foams house the causeway leads to the beach close to the back ofmy house.
Man is,in the last analysis, the slave of his environment. Swimming backward so as not to lose sight of the brute, I reached William. Then, to ascertain that I had understood him, he pointedto Mrs.
Thisfood was divided after the days toil was done.
He eyedher in a diagnostic way and asked: Do you want this here man?
They do not seem to swim away or sound: they just dissolve. You all the same me, too much savvyall the time, oh yes! William scowled, cleared his throat again, and, Well, thats finish! You havent paid your seven and sixpence for the license,and I havent published the banns in church!

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