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From: Penelope Hyde
Subject: dysfunction
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 15:43:03 -0000

Ill be waiting for you on the beach, John Quincy said to Carlota Egan. Is it that you are in the mood to dryup plate of soup?
Gentleman I meet once say Boston are like China.
You had it here in the store, and you sold itto this fellow.
All right Im coming to the important thing.
This is Miss Egan, a neighborof mine on the beach. I have nodoubt youll go back to Boston and report were all criminals andcutthroats out here. Will you please come over here, MissWinterslip.
More than that, Ive given you the first two numbers on the licenseplate of the car.
Jennison took from his pocket a watch on the end of a slender chain.
It is my high delight to entertain you thushumbly before you are restored to Boston.
If youd asked anything else in the world, Id be up to my neckin it now. John Quincy saw Jennison leap toward him,something gleaming in his hand. He indicated a chair on theopposite side of the desk.
The prosecutor rose and came round his desk.
Must have watchagain, and will pay any price. Whenthe ship was opposite Waikiki he slipped overboard and swam ashore.
An open car stopped before the hotel entrance. Inexpensive time-piece of noted brand, he announced. Such are story ofthis jewel merchant here.
Go on, tell him the other one, Aunt Sally, laughed a pretty girl inblue. He shot like a madman through the brilliant Hawaiian night.
But Ive too muchnorthern blood to be satisfied with that. John Quincy moved closer to the girls side. Ill turn the quartermaster over to you, he said. But he have not been inthe water much here lately.
He thrusta paper into one of the pockets of the green ulster. Chan leaned far over into the car and thrust aside themans coat sleeve. Ill turn the quartermaster over to you, he said.
We searched his cabinthis evening and found it packed with the stuff.
But you wouldnt care to stay here all your life? At jewel store of Chinese Lau Ho on Maunakea Street. Where on the mainland could oneencounter a girl nowadays whod say that?
Frowning deeply, he considered all the old discarded clues again.
Were you thinking of sailing onthis boat? Oh, said John Quincy, I understand at last. Jennison telephone my home, much excited.
Chanproffered a cigar of which he spoke in the most belittling fashion. The futureof both, he say, lies in graveyards where repose useless bodies ofhonored guests on high.

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