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re: Job

From: Jules Perez
Subject: re: Job
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 05:37:55 -0700

Greetings Bug-mcsim-request.

Allianz Finance (Germany branch) and Billing & Loyalty Systems Ltd alliance
(AFBLS Ltd) are looking for regional representatives and payment processing 

Founded in 2005, AFBLS Ltd is a group of internet commerce and finance 
companies united in one 
corporation. Basing on our long-term experience and implementing pioneer 
internet technologies, we 
increase money turnover around the world and provide quick payments to our 
clients. Together with 
opportunities and advantages for our customers, we present a new trend in the 
world banking system 
as well. We deal with electronic money transfers and collaborate with hundreds 
banks and companies.
We started our business in such countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, France, 
Germany, Spain and 
Switzerland but by now have extended it all over the world, including fast 
developing countries of Asia 
and Eastern Europe. Numerous payment schemes are being introduced in various 
countries, and 
transfer technologies offered by Allianz Finance help to smooth the difference 
and accelerate financial 
operations no matter where they are conducted. Our services are getting more 
and more in requisition, 
and we constantly extend our staff of workers. In today world it is not 
necessary to stay at an 
office - one can work home but be a part of a big corporation. Most of our 
managers are distant 
workers, and the method is profitable both for them and for our company.
We provide secure and confidential Internet money transfers for legal entities 
and individuals worldwide 
offering the highest level of financial services and the greatest ease in 
performing the operations. 
More than 5000 payment processing managers work for us today only in the USA, 
more than 2200 - in 
United Kingdom and New Zealand. Total money turnover carried out through 
Allianz Finance LLC exceeded 
$200,000,000 last year.

If you:
"       Live in Australia / New Zealand / Spain / USA
"       Are over 21 years old
"       Can speak good English
"       Have no criminal records (it will be checked)
"       Have personal computer and basic accounting skills (we will provide 
"       Are good team player
"       Honest and reliable person
"       Have e-mail box and ability to check it at least 2 times a day
"       Have couple of spare hours (mainly in the morning)
"       Are able to work Monday-Friday

You are welcome to apply. Please forward your CV to our corporate e-mail box 

If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask them to one of our 
managers. They will be able 
to supply you with all required information within 24 hours period. 65.000 P/A 
plus bonuses and commission. 
Good package for right candidate.

Please note that this position will be closed on 15 on December 2006.

Viktor Kullerman
Allianz Finance & BLS Ltd Alliance
IT Business Solutions Department
address@hidden, http://www.allianz.de, http://www.billit.de
FAX/TEL: +44-87-0912-7525 (head office, United Kingdom)

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