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From: Emmanuel Ramsey
Subject: withdrawn
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 19:25:45 -0100
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It was not contemplated for any length of time.
Patriot Act through a compliant Congress. Nowhere has his solipsism been more damaging than in the case of Iraq.
As observers, reporters, and commentators we will hold him to the highest standards of honesty and performance. However, nobody in Washington expects them to go away on schedule; they were designated as temporary only to make their ultimate results look less scary. Is it any wonder that the anger felt by many Democrats is even greater than can be explained by the profound differences in outlook between the two candidates and their parties?
The United States has become mired in a low-intensity guerrilla war that has taken more lives since the mission was declared to be accomplished than before.
This extraordinary outpouring provided Bush with a second opportunity to create something like a government of national unity.
That military operation was indeed a success. It showed a cumulative surplus of more than five trillion dollars.
Troops from Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Norway, and Spain are serving alongside Americans in Afghanistan to this day. Even the highly touted No Child Left Behind education program, enacted with the support of the liberal lion Edward Kennedy, is being allowed to fail, on account of grossly inadequate funding. In that state, George W. But the challenger has more to offer than the fact that he is not George W.
But the challenger has more to offer than the fact that he is not George W.
Some of the reaction to that law has been excessive. Jobs, health care, education, and the rest may not count for much when weighed against the prospect of large-scale terrorist attack.
That military operation was indeed a success.
His leadership, with John McCain, of the bipartisan effort to put to rest the toxic debate over Vietnam-era P. It was not contemplated for any length of time.
The toll of Iraqi dead and wounded is of an order of magnitude greater than the American. Largely at the insistence of Democrats and moderate Republicans, the Bush cuts gave middle-class families some relief in the form of refunds, bigger child credits, and a smaller marriage penalty. He lives and works within a self-created bubble of faith-based affirmation.
There is surely idealistic purpose in envisioning a Middle East finally relieved of its autocracies and dictatorships.

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