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Increase your income now with Cn'V Inc.

From: Diann
Subject: Increase your income now with Cn'V Inc.
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 21:54:22 +0100
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Cn'V Corvette Vacations.
In connection with the introduction of a new first line support system for our customers the Cn'V Corvette company announces an additional limited admission of management agents in the countries of Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.

We are searching for communicative, dynamic, honest and respectable people
interested in additional earnings and who are ready to learn quickly, to follow 
instructions and to show own initiative too.

This job is a unique chance to try out in a financial sphere. Besides, you will 
increase your income even if you work with us for only several hours a day.
We do not require any special education but its presence is appreciated as well 
as the
work experience. We highly appreciate and find very important an ability to 
follow our
instructions and conditions.

An applicant must:
- be capable to work;
- ability to create good administrative reporting;
- have a bank account;
- have an opportunity to give not less than 1 hour a day to this work;
- ability to use PC, have an access to PC and Internet during the day.

This job will allow you to:
- work efficiently from home;
- increase available personal time;
- achieve financial independence in half the normal time (1-3 hours per day);
- interact and associate with other members in order to benefit from their 
and experiences;
- become able to share time and money with others less fortunate than you;
- develop high self-respect and esteem.

If you are ready please mail us to: address@hidden

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