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Re: GNU moe 1.11 released

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: Re: GNU moe 1.11 released
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 2021 18:02:38 +0100
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Hello Jean Louis,

Jean Louis wrote:
I like to have Emacs replacement, simpler editor with Emacs
keybindings that uses those characters.

Moe is not a replacement for Emacs. In fact moe is almost as different from Emacs as an editor can be.

Is there a way to use other character set such as ISO-8859-2 ?

Moe works with any ISO-8859 character set (except for a few functions) as long as you set the console appropiately and don't mix character sets neither in the same document nor in the same session.

To name it powerful, it should provide various character sets.

You are confusing "powerful" with "having many features". Powerful, from power[1], means "doing much work per unit of time". For example opening 100_000 files, replacing "foo" with "bar" in all of them, and then saving only those that have been modified, all with a couple commands.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_(physics)

But as I want to prevent future confusions, I have just removed the word "powerful" from all descriptions of moe.

As long as it is one character set oriented, editor has little use for
millions of users.

But it is pretty useful for those users with similar needs and tastes as mine. Everybody else may, and should, use the editor that better adapts to their needs and tastes. An editor is a very personal piece of software.

Best regards,

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