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From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: ncurses-5.2-20010618.patch.gz
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 15:32:51 -0400
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 ncurses 5.2 - patch 20010618 - T.Dickey


 I'll be out of town over the next ten days, am putting out this patch since
 there were some unresolved issues as of 20010616 (still, test/view.c doesn't
 do what I expect for UTF-8 source, will review that next week).


 Ncurses 5.2 is at

 Patches for ncurses 5.2 are in the subdirectory


        + change overlooked several CharOf/UChar instances.
        > several patches from Sven Verdoolaege:
        + correct a typo in wunctrl(), which made it appear that botwc() was
          needed (no such function: use btowc()).
        + reimplement wide-character demo in test/view.c, using new functions.
        + implement getcchar(), setcchar(), wadd_wchnstr() and related macros.
        + fix a syntax problem with do/if/while in PUTC macro (curses.priv.h).

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