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cdkentry questions

From: Peter Jay Salzman
Subject: cdkentry questions
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 21:13:54 -0800
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today is the first day of my life that i played around with cdk.  looks
great, but i have question.  how the heck does one get two cdkentry
boxes on the screen at once?   i mean something like:

  CDKENTRY *Entry[2];
  Entry[0] = newCDKEntry(cdkscreen, CENTER, CENTER, Title[0], "", A_NORMAL, '_',
        vMIXED, 40, 0, 256, TRUE, FALSE);
  Entry[1] = newCDKEntry(cdkscreen, 0, 0, Title[1], "", A_NORMAL, '_',
        vMIXED, 40, 0, 256, TRUE, FALSE);

according to the header files, the 2nd and 3rd arguments are xpos and
ypos.  in the demo programs, these are just "LEFT", "RIGHT" and
"CENTER".  i tried changing them to numbers to place the widget in an
arbitrary position (like 0, 0 in the 2nd widget above).

i'm starting to think these widgets can't be placed in an arbitrary
position, but that doesn't make sense.

how does one put two of these widgets on the screen at the same time?


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