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Re: headers installed incorrectly?

From: Bob Rossi
Subject: Re: headers installed incorrectly?
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 22:00:26 -0400
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On Thu, Aug 03, 2006 at 11:57:54PM +0000, Alexey Toptygin wrote:
> On Thu, 3 Aug 2006, Bob Rossi wrote:
> >>Does this mean I should be filing bug reports to authors of software that
> >>only test for ncurses.h and curses.h in their configure scripts? Should
> >>they all be testing for ncurses/curses.h first?
> >
> >Hi Alexey,
> >
> >I have CGDB only check for curses.h. This has worked everywhere so far
> >that I have built it. Usually it's a symlink.
> What systems was this on? I find that on Solaris and some BSD 
> installations, there is very often a native curses with limited 
> capabilities as well as GNU ncurses. If you only test for curses.h, you 
> will likely find some curses implementation, but which one? The existence 
> of this feature (putting ncurses headers in their own subdirectory to 
> avoid including some other curses.h by accident) seems to indicate this is 
> a very common scenario.
>                       Alexey

CGDB will use curses if that is what the system uses by default. If the
system uses ncurses by default, that is what CGDB will use. However, I
have a 
    --with-ncurses=PREFIX   Use system installed ncurses library

if you set PREFIX to /usr/packages/ncurses then CGDB will find the files
it needs there.

Bob Rossi

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