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GNT, and breakage in windows

From: Sadrul H Chowdhury
Subject: GNT, and breakage in windows
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 01:41:43 -0400


I am developing an event based set of ncurses widgets, as part of my Summer-of-Code project (sponsored by Google) -- which is to create a curses-based frontend for Gaim. I am calling this set of widgets 'Gaim Ncurses Toolkit', or GNT for short. And the frontend is called gntgaim. I have also created a proof-of-concept client for xmms2 -- which I plan on developing farther once I have a little more time. The toolkit has been designed to make it easy to port especially GTK+ applications for the console. There are some sample codes and screenshots at: http://www.site.uottawa.ca/~schow031/gnt/

Anyone intesrested to test this toolkit can follow these instructions to build the system:

svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/gaim/trunk/console/libgnt libgnt/
cd libgnt
make && make install
# Now to build some sample programs
cd test

There are some shortcut keys that you are going to need:

   Alt+n: go to next window
   Alt+p: go to previous window
   Alt+m: start moving a window
      cursor keys to move the window
      enter/escape to stop moving the window
   Alt+r: start resizing a window
      cursor keys to resize the window
      enter/escape to stop resizing the window
   Alt+w: show the list of windows
      escape to make it disappear
      enter to bring forward the selected window in the list
   Alt+d: dump the contents of the screen in " dump.html" in `pwd`

(not all windows can be resized)
Now, not all terminals give out the same codes for these keystrokes. So the shortcut keys will probably not work for some/many terminals. But they do work in mrxvt, urxvt, linux. I do wish to make them work in all/most terminals, and will try doing that once I understand a little more on how things work.

If you don't like the default colors, not to worry. Most of the shadow/colors can be configured from ~/.gntrc

Now, the problem I have been facing is: the screen often gets scrambled in some occasions, usually when the terminal size is large, or when I am moving a large window. ( http://www.site.uottawa.ca/~schow031/gnt/scrambled.png).
However, if I get a screendump (by pressing Alt+d, which winch()es from newscr), the html looks fine ( http://www.site.uottawa.ca/~schow031/gnt/scrambled.html). This very likely means there's some memory corruption somewhere. But disturbingly, this problem goes away if I run from within valgrind. So I can't exactly find out where the corruption is happening. Can anyone suggest where I can take a look to fix this?

Thanks for your time (it's a rather long post :) ). Cheers,

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