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COLOR_PAIRS on Fedora 29

From: Bryan Christ
Subject: COLOR_PAIRS on Fedora 29
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 10:20:35 -0600

I'm debugging an issue on Fedora 29.  The terminfo value for pairs on xterm-256color is set to 0x10000 which is in the range of an unsigned short but not a short.  Isn't this problematic since most the ncurses APIs like wattr_set() expect a short?  I could simply change my code to an unsigned short, but i'm not sure what that would do to ncurses.  Alternatively, I could simply redefine COLOR_PAIRS to 0x7FFF which is what Bionic Beaver uses.  As best I can tell, it looks like Fedora 29 made a poor decision.


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