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Trouble with wattr_set()

From: Bryan Christ
Subject: Trouble with wattr_set()
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2019 19:21:52 -0600

This snippet of code works perfectly on Fedora 29...

wattr_set(vterm->window, attrs, colors, NULL);
mvwadd_wch(vterm->window, r, c, &vcell->uch);

However, on Bionic, the text is there but color attributes are something like dark gray on black.  When I add debug code with pair_content() and color_content() everything looks fine:

pair: 766, f: 245, g: 235
f rgb:  r: 572, g: 627, b: 627
b rgb:  r: 23, g: 211, b: 258

When I check the return value from wattr_set() there's no ERR either.  It's almost like the wattr_set() is refusing to accept the color pair I feed it.   Other color pairs in the single and double digit range work just fine.  I'm just about to pull out my last hair trying to figure out what might be different.  Any thoughts or comments appreciated.


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