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Possible bug in “kmous” in xterm-256color description

From: Spamcop
Subject: Possible bug in “kmous” in xterm-256color description
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2021 17:00:23 -0700

I’m quite new to ncurses programming, but I’d like to check with you guys and 
see if I might have discovered a bug in xterm-256color.  “kmous” in that entry 
is “\E[<“, which expects the special SGR mouse coordinate returns from xterm.  
However, there’s no place in the description that I can see that sends the 
requisite “2006” code to the terminal to initiate this.

In fact the entry as written does not seem to enable mouse position reporting 
at all, except on button clicks.

I genned up an entry that includes the “user-defined” XM entry from the 
xterm-1002 entry, and changes “kmous” to the “\E[M” sequence returned by that 
option, and now mouse dragging in a terminal window is working for the first 
time on the current ncurses-6.2 distribution.

Am I missing something?

Mike O’Brien

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