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Re: Crash when restoring screen

From: Frank Tkalcevic
Subject: Re: Crash when restoring screen
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2021 22:11:38 +0000

> (I can reproduce this, have a fix)

Thank you, that was fast.

>> it displays rubbish in the extended area then crashes.  It works fine
>> on Solaris/curses.  I’m using xterm and teraterm.
>"fine" is relative: Solaris curses won't detect the screen size-change, so 
>it'll continue using the same dimensions.  In some cases (particularly if 
>>shrinking the screen), you'll get odd repainting due to wrapping.
>ncurses won't wrap.

Is the fix to return an error if the sizes don't match, or to try and squeeze 
in what can?

Our work around at the moment is to prevent the users from resizing the 
terminal, but they can re-enable it if they are crafty.


Frank Tkalcevic | Senior Software Engineer
d +61 3 8610 2480


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