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Re: [Bug-ocrad] OCR of messy computer printout

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: Re: [Bug-ocrad] OCR of messy computer printout
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2011 18:41:44 +0200
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Hello Karl,

Karl Berry wrote:
I tried playing with the --thresheld, but the results will not
noticeably better.  Are there other options or approaches which might help?

The image is not only not-very-cleanly scanned, it is also not-very-well printed. I guess it was printed with a real teletype. See the way a lot of zeros are printed in this image:

 · O O · · ·
 O O O O O ·
 · · · O O ·
 · · · · O ·
 · · · · O O
 · · + · O O
 · · · · O ·
 · · · · O ·
 · · · · O ·
 O · · O O ·
 · O O O · ·

The resolution of the scan is also too small. Ocrad needs a character height of 20 pixels for a good result, but as you can see, the zero above is only 11 pixels high. Using --scale=2 improves the result, but not much.

I think ocrad can't extract anything useful from this image. I think it will be difficult even for a human to retype it without errors.

Best regards,

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