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GNU Parallel Bug Reports --memfree

From: Jan . Geryk
Subject: GNU Parallel Bug Reports --memfree
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 14:52:43 +0200

Dear Ole,
I am bioinformatician from faculty hospital Motol in Czech Republic.
I am using gnu parallel to speed up NGS computations. I am able to speed up the computations ~4 times in comparison with parallelization implemented within GATK tools:)
In order to fully automatize the ngs pipeline I used --memfree option.. But I went to the problems.

I parallelize every program within my pipeline separately and I use version 20160422 of parallel. In the case of base recalibrator parallelization the computations crashes without any ERROR info. I call parallel as follows:
$pathToParallel --no-notice --joblog "/home/geryk/NGS_programs/GnuParallel/log" --jobs 0 --memfree $inputSize"m" baseRacalibrator_pass1 \
::: "address@hidden" ::: "$pathToProject" ::: "$deactivateFilters"

where $inputSize is my estimate of memory requirements. If I add parameter --delay 15, the computations finishes succesfully.
But if I decrease the parameter to --delay 10 computations crashes.
In the second application of base recalibration (this program must be applied twice within pipeline) I must increase --delay to 30sec in order to successfully finish computations.
It seems that the parameter --delay is hard to predict..

Have you some interpretations of my observations?

Log files from parallel are attached to this e-mail.. 

Jan Geryk 

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