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Re: GNU Parallel Bug Reports Signal SIGCHLD received, but no signal hand

From: Rick Masters
Subject: Re: GNU Parallel Bug Reports Signal SIGCHLD received, but no signal handler set
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2016 00:42:30 +0000


I was able to repro the underlying perl issue with the Centos 6.8  32 -bit 
virtual box.
I used the same perl test but I noticed that it does not repro nearly as often.
But, I have made it happen repeatedly.

It is hard to get a repro with the test as I described. Instead, this time I 
ran sigtest.pl under strace:
strace -o foo ./sigtest.pl

With the strace I get a repro every minute or so. 
Without the strace, it can take a very long time (many minutes), but I did get 
it to happen a few times.
So, I'm confident the same underlying perl issue is present to some extent in 
centos 6.8.

Again I cannot repro at all if I use $SIG{CHLD}="DEFAULT" instead of delete 

I knew that strace made it repro more often when I initially reported the 
problem but I left that out because I didn't think it was necessary and did not 
want to introduce any complications. But, if you just need to see it, strace 
might help.

I'm not sure if that is all you need. I haven't tried to make parallel itself 
fail yet on 6.8. I'll try that next. 
I probably won't be easy given the underlying perl issue is harder to repro. 
But we're way past easy at this point.

BTW, I'm not sure if you wanted me to send you the virtual box image.
It's gigabytes in size and would only have the two scripts in it (that you 
already have) so I'm assuming that's not necessary at this point.


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