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Re: bug report

From: Rob Sargent
Subject: Re: bug report
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2021 13:29:04 -0600

On Sep 11, 2021, at 11:43 AM, o1bigtenor <o1bigtenor@gmail.com> wrote:

I started using parallel after my saving a plain text file that I wrote of a date previous 
to the copy being saved to. 

That meant that I had lost about 75 hours of work. 

It’s not clear to me what actually went wrong with your file save.  What editor was the culprit?  But if the save fails, you’ll lose the changes regardless of how many backup copies you have stashed away.

Went looking for linux open source software so that I could save copies of this 
file in multiple places easily and at the same time. 

Did you come across “rsync”?

When I first figured this all out - - - some maybe 12 or 13 months ago - - - there 
was no such notice - - - - - I do read docs!!! So the software was subsequently 
updated and this last time I used 'parallel' as a command there now was a demand. 
Except this demand has about as much to do with my use case as an air conditioning 
salesman in Spitzbergen Norway in February. 

So you chose to demand a change. 
IMO you would be getting more traction if you had 'asked' and not demanded 
a response -  - -especially when the implication was left that without my response 
like 'this' my use was fraudulent - - - -  yet my use case has absolutely nothing 
to do with anything academic - - - zip nada empty set!

I don’t think you’ve stated which version of which distro you’re using but sadly they are all largely out of date with respect to current GNU Parallel - in part because Ole continuously improves the product.  But I know from experience this citation request has been in place for years (along with the easy remedy), so I suspect your distro just recently caught up.

There is another fix, though: Pay me a normal monthly salary, and the
notice is gone.

Hmmmmmm - - - - and why would I as an individual be solely responsible 
for your salary?

(I spent the time looking through the rather 'interesting' list of 
alternatives except there didn't seem to be anything that really was intended 
for my use case. Given the responses that I've received from this 'bug report' 
I'm starting to think that its time to write a script to do what I need without the 
use of 'parallel' which would then satisfy your needs perfectly and still enable 
me to get my work done.) 

Indeed a script to copy a given file to multiple places would likely be trivial, unless each copy requires a separate scp session - just one of the complications which GNU Parallel makes trivial.

We’ve all seen and addressed the citation request.  I hope you can let it go.

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