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[Bug-parted] Parted 1.4.0-pre1

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: [Bug-parted] Parted 1.4.0-pre1
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 04:19:29 +1100

Hi all,

* added a bit to the documentation about how to deal with the boot disk, when
it doesn't support your hardware
* added the LBA partition flag
* ped_partition_is_busy() - for extended partitions, now checks all logical
partitions for business.
* constraint solver will always satisfy constraint->min_size, if possible, now. 
constraint solver is now complete (the existence of a solution
implies that a solution will be found :-)
* fixed semantics for _best_solution() in disk_dos.c
* added documentation WRT LVM and RAID
* updated documentation, to much current command set

The important (IMHO) issues left on the TODO list:
* before stablizing, make sure we test on linuxppc & pc98 again.
* lba flag - default flag?
* update documentation for 1.3.x (both API and USER)
* ext3 support
* LVM and RAID partition support for PC98 & Mac?
* send/request documentation to/from: (for verification/review/etc.)
        - translators (?)
        - LVM people
        - RAID people
        - linuxppc people  (incl Ben Herrenschmidt)
        - PC98 people
        - GRUB people
        - LILO people
        - LUGs / linuxdoc for proof-reading, and understandability (?)
* recognise LVM and RAID devices

Andrew Clausen

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