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Re: [Bug-parted] Re: parted 1.3.x errata

From: Damien Genet
Subject: Re: [Bug-parted] Re: parted 1.3.x errata
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 19:50:22 +0200


Damien Genet wrote:
> Andrew Clausen wrote:
> > I've got another idea: when you're asking the user about adding a
> > partition, you actually ADD the partition (ped_disk_add_partition)
> > from the beginning.
> >
> > When the user changes what fs type they want, you call
> > ped_partition_set_system() immediately.
> >
> > Then, you can get flags, etc.
> >
> > This is much cleaner, and was subconsciously what I was thinking
> > about for PedDisk, anyway.
> Ok, I'll do this, and I will call ped_disk_add_partition(), only if the
> click on OK button, otherwise I will destroy PedPartition, this seems to
> be a good Idea.

I also would like to use this approach for changing properties (and so
partition file-system type) of existing partitions (same problem : need
to know what flags are available), but I must then duplicate a partition
with all its properties.
Is it possible without using something like memcpy() ?
- because I'm not sure this is a good Idea -
Or maybe I should save original file-system type elsewhere.
- and so only file-system type changes wil be applied directly, and no
ohter changes, this is a bit incosistent -.

I'm porting Gtk-Parted to parted-1.3.x (now 1.4.x), and it's takes me
a lot of work - hollydays are also ended :'( -,
but I think now most is done :)


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