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Hard Drive Dupliation

From: Chris Fischer
Subject: Hard Drive Dupliation
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 17:07:36 -0800


My search for a program that will duplicate a hard drive has led me to 
parted. I've read through the manual and searched the list archives, but 
haven't found a definitive answer to my question, so I'm asking it here.

I'm doing some work for a local community college, and I've installed Linux 
with 'ext2' and 'swap' partitions on a hard disk. What I need is a utility 
that will duplicate this hard disk to 16 other hard disks of the same 
geometry. Disk drive capacity is 6.4GB, and at least one of the partitions 
needs to be over 2GB. We've been using Symantec's ghost with inconsistant and 
(frequently) poor results, so I'm hoping I've hit the jackpot with parted.

My question is: Is parted currently able to do this? If so, there surely is 
an easy recipie. Any suggestions, tips, pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Chris Fischer

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