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sun disk label support

From: Ben Collins
Subject: sun disk label support
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 12:25:34 -0500
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Well, here is my version. I didn't know anyone else was working on it
until I checked the archives. This does support Whole Disk to a point.
My todo list is to add an fs_ufs/ so sun partitions can be recognized.
Also I need to add support for the flags (unmountable).

I've tested this on 4 ultrasparc's and a sparc LX (2 Ultra's and the LX
are SCSI, the other Ultra's are IDE). One of these also include a 74gig
RAID5 Sun A1000 Array.

My only concern is when using "mkfs" or "mkpartfs", the disk type is
converted to "loop" and one bug partition is created. Is this a bug in
my code, or parted?

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