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humble request for help

From: Sam
Subject: humble request for help
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 07:07:16 -0800

Hi, I hesitate to use this list to ask for help but I have already been stupid 
enough that a little more won´t hurt.

I was using parted ignorantly and when I got a message that parted didn´t 
recognize the label, I typed mklabel without realizing that the label was the 
partition table.

So I´ve erased the partition table on my hard drive (I only wanted to split it 
to install Linux) and I´m hoping to restore it without making all the 
information on the drive inaccessible.

The partition table is now blank (all zeros).  Can I use (DOS) fdisk to "create 
a primary DOS partition" or will that erase some other crucial information?

I am on a regular little pentium pc... please help... thank you..

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