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print does not work under 1.4.8?

From: JasonBoerner
Subject: print does not work under 1.4.8?
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 16:15:38 -0500

I have an ext2 file system on a 1.2G drive which I would like to shrink down to 
900M so that I can add a boot partition to the drive (and thereby restore the 
When using parted 1.4.8 the print command gives me:
Minor   Start      End      Filesystem  Flags
1     0.000 12419.056   Ext2

When I do a resize the system gets busy for a bit and then simply comes back to 
a command prompt leading me to believe that the FS really has been resized.  
However the print command still shows the same size.

What gives?

As an experiment I statically linked ext2resize and used it to resize the 
partition down to 900M.  The same thing happens.  The command is obviously 
doing something and does not report anything wrong.  However parted print still 
shows a size of 12419...

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