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cp Fat16 -> Fat32 : bug or a feature ?

From: Ekkard Gerlach
Subject: cp Fat16 -> Fat32 : bug or a feature ?
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 03:18:57 +0100

using  Suse linux 6.4 / 2.2.14 , parted-1.2.14


I'm using 1.2.14 because it was marked as a stable 
version. The following bug or feature is fixed
by applying "sys c:": 

Copy a Win95-Fat16 partition to a second harddisk 
to a Fat32-Partition. Win95 will not start until
you boot from Win95 start floppydisk and reinstall
system with 

      a:\> sys c:

I've copied the Win95-Partition two times on different
hardware an different harddisks. 

A bug ? A feature ? Already fixed in later versions ? 


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