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Re: Not really a bug...

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: Not really a bug...
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 22:46:49 +1100

Dan Knapp wrote:
> > Parted does display "Using [device-name]".  You really think
> > I should remove this guessing stuff?  What does everyone else
> > think?
>   For myself, I'm happy to have it how it is, but perhaps it is a
> real issue.  Anybody who uses parted frequently can just have it aliased
> to "parted /dev/hda" (though not with an unmodified copy of the boot disk),
> so it's no big deal to take away the defaulting.

No-one uses parted that much!  Which is an argument for saying
that convienience is not important.

> > I'm working on operation queue stuff ATM, so it will work by
> > [do all operations], then you type commit, where it will display
> > a scary message.  I think this is better in the long run.
>   And I'm working, don't forget, on precisely the feature of backing up the
> table to disk.  As I have time...

BTW, backing up in memory is already implemented... in 1.5.x,
ped_disk_duplicate().  But, committing from backups wouldn't
work, because the on-disk checkpoint would be bogus.  This
is an interesting issue.  It is akin to the issues I have
been having with copying file systems.

Andrew Clausen

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