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Re: [PATCH] Operating system independence; Hurd Port.

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Operating system independence; Hurd Port.
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 02:51:32 +1100

Neal H Walfield wrote:
> > BTW, everything ok with assigning the copyright to the FSF?
> Yes, I have already assigned my work on the Hurd to the FSF;  I assume
> that that should cover it.  Let me know if I need to do more.

Your name does not appear in

So, the assignment process hasn't been completed for your Hurd
work?  What was the disclaimer you signed?  Could you please
send it to me (with what you filled in, etc.)  Thanks.
> Having taken a bunch of English literature and writing courses, I can
> assure you that in formal writing, contractions are a Bad Thing.

But, is formal writing the best way to communicate?  (How do you
define formal writing, anyway?)

>  Having
> said that Stevens uses them.  Either way, there are a bunch of places
> that they were misused (i.e. ``it's'' is ``it is'' not possessive).

Yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of grammatical mistakes like that.

> > > * On that note, I am happy that Parted is very conservative when writing
> > >   partition table, however, it is far to strict when reading them.  For
> > >   instance, I had to use Cfdisk to ``fix'' my partition table (Parted 
> > > failed
> > >   to read my Open BSD partition table correctly).  Since we want to use
> > >   libparted to help boot strap the Hurd, this needs to be relaxed a lot.
> >
> > What did libparted complain about?  The BSD code doesn't complain
> > about much...
> It overlaps other tables;  the Open BSD partition table overlays the
> entire disk.

Sun disk labels have a "whole disk partition".  Sounds similar.
In the Sun case, we hide the whole disk partition from the user,
but preserve it.  (Also: if there is no whole disk partition,
and there is room to add it, then it gets written)

So, sounds like we should be doing something similar here?

> Maybe you can provide suffixes, i.e. M for megabytes, G for giga.
> Then if the use uses suffixes, it will round, otherwise, it will not.

Sounds complicated.  What do you do for 1356.23G?  Also, the
communication of this stuff is non-trivial.  It would have
to be communicated as a (PedSector, PedGeometry) tuple.

> > > * When using the mkpart command, it is not obvious that the filesystem 
> > > type
> > >   is optional:  I have hit enter several times thinking that ext2 was the
> > >   default.  Maybe provide none as an option?
> >
> > The fs type isn't optional... and ext2 is the default!
> Ok, what is the difference between mkpartfs?

mkpartfs is equivalent to mkpart + mkfs
mkpart creates a partition.  mkfs creates a file system.
mkpart still needs the file system type, to set partition
table flags, etc.

> > > * When Parted reads an argument that it prompted for, it adds an entry to
> > >   the history buffer rather then appending to the command line (like bash
> > >   does).
> >
> > I don't understand what you're saying.  Perhaps you should give
> > an example?
> In bash:
>         $ for i in *; do
>         > echo $i
>         > done
>         ...
>         $ <UP>for i in *; do echo $i; done
> In mkparted:
>         (parted) mkpart
>         Partition type?  primary/logical? log
>         File system type? ext2?
>         Start? 4.001
>         End? 5
>         (parted) <UP>5
> I expect parted to print:
>         (parted) <UP>mkpart logical 4.001 5

Interesting.  So, it sounds like, when a parameter is accepted,
it gets pushed onto a list (current_command).  When a command
gets completed, the command gets merged into one piece of
text, and added to history.

This provides the behaviour you want?
> > It checks for bad sectors, and writes out the new list.  Also,
> > it always creates the new version of the linux swap format,
> > because the old version causes lots of problems (particularly
> > for Sun disk labels).
> >
> > What version of Linux are you using?  Perhaps it doesn't recognise
> > the new version.  Likewise with Hurd.
> 2.2.17 under Linux.  As with the Hurd, the CVS code from two weeks ago.

OK.  This in parted 1.5.x or 1.4.x?  Anyway, I can't reproduce it.

> Cheers.

Andrew Clausen

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