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Re: bootdisk

From: Eelco Duijker
Subject: Re: bootdisk
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 08:53:38 +0100

There is another option which I used, rebuild the kernel used on the
bootdisk with default ATA100 support in it. This should be no problem
with a 2.4.x kernel.


Keith Adamson wrote:
> The bootdisk is very handy, however, my wish would be
> to provide a pause in the Linux bootloader so that you can
> enter some Linux kernel parameters.  For instance, to use
> the new ATA/100 chipsets the IDE I/O address of the IDE
> controller needs to be passed to the kernel. See;
> http://www.geocities.com/ender7007/
> Where Linux needs to be booted thus;
> vmlinuz ide2=0x9400,0x9002 ide3=0x8800,0x8402
> to recognize the Promise ATA 100 onboard controller on the
> ASUS A7V motherboard.  Otherwise parted can not work on
> the disks attached to this interface.

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