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Re: [ext2resize] Ext2resize for big-endian (Ultrasparc)

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: [ext2resize] Ext2resize for big-endian (Ultrasparc)
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 09:42:42 +1000

Dave Wapstra wrote:
> Here you are.... please let me know how strange my system's partition table 
> is. :)

Your partition table looks fine.  However, Parted was quietly asserting that
the hard disk geometry and the geometry on the disk label match.

(Ben: the reason for this is that the normal invocation of _probe() has
"ignored" via ped_exception_fetch_all()... the reason I have used them is so in
future, I can write functionality like: "force sun" or whatever, and it will
why it didn't detect, etc.  Besides, this kind of check shouldn't be in
There is no question at this stage if it's a sun label.  The only question is if
is a VALID sun label.  Therefore, this check should be in sun_open())

So, I've changed this in 1.4.11-pre1, which is available at:


It should give you a reasonable error message now, if that is your problem.
Also, it will allow you to ignore.  But, fdisk seemed to work on that disk...I
why it wasn't complaining?  Perhaps there's another problem... and that could
be a problem with the checksum function... (that's the only other thing in

I lost some mail (my NFS server's hard disk went dodgey while updating my
mailbox :-( )
so I don't have your fdisk output anymore... would you mind resending?

Thanks a lot!
Andrew Clausen

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