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Parted 1.4.12-pre5

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Parted 1.4.12-pre5
Date: Sun, 06 May 2001 22:16:43 +1000

Hi all,

2 more weeks of zero-free-time.  If I had more time to handle
the inevitable bug reports, etc., then this would be 1.4.12.

Changes: (since 1.4.12-pre4)
* added 64-bit endian macros
* #include <string.h> in fs_ext2/interface.c
* fs_ext2/ext2_mkfs.c: ext2_mkfs() now makes most of the "use-default"
parameters 0.  (This isn't a public interface, so no incompat)
* added CFLAGS=-Werror (yay!)
* applied move syntax patch (make END specification optional) from
Vincent Stelhé <address@hidden>.  Thanks!

Andrew Clausen

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