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bug in parted-1.4.11 configure

From: Marc Lehmann
Subject: bug in parted-1.4.11 configure
Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 02:32:16 +0200

during configure of parted-1.4.11, i got the following message:

   ./configure[1283]: test: /usr/bin/getconf: unexpected operator/operand

and later:

   configure: WARNING: off_t is less than 8 bytes.  Using llseek syscall

the reason is this test:

   if test -x `which getconf`; then

which utilizes an external command "which" that isn't available on all
systems (it's not a standard unix command). the portable way to do this
would (IMHO) be to use "type -p", which does the same thing and should be
a shell built-in.

have fun ;)

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