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Re: unable to align partition

From: Ibraheem Umaru-Mohammed
Subject: Re: unable to align partition
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 23:36:47 +0100

16/05/01 23:29:06, Andrew Clausen <address@hidden> wrote:
>Ibraheem Umaru-Mohammed wrote:
>> I then tried to use the print command, I received an "unable to align 
>> partition proper;ly..." and then the following output:
>> minor   start   end             type    fs      flags
>> 1       23.563  6024.375                primary FAT     boot,lba
>> What can one do to fix this?
>It is just a warning.  It need not be fixed.  However, if you
>resize the partition with Parted, it will be aligned properly.
>Andrew Clausen

thanks for your reply.

Hpwever, if what I think you mean by resize is to make "start" effectively 
000.000 (or something) then this doesn't seem to work,
Parted complains about partition size and file system size not matching or 
something from what I remember. Is my presumption correct?

Kindest regards,


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